test kitesurf gardasee

Inhalte je nach Länge des gewählten Kurses: Theoretische Grundlagen, Sicherheitstraining, Flugschule, Relaunch, Bodydrag und der Lift aufs Board. Nur die theoretischen Grundlagen werden an Land besprochen, die meiste Zeit des Kurses verbringen wir komplett ausgestattet im Wasser!


season 2020

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  1. Angel Aranda

    Last week I was 5 days in Navene (Garda Lake). This time I went out in the water with Kite Center Garda Lake. I come every year and I used 2 or 3 et boat lifts. From my experience Kite Garda are the best. They bring you to the best wind spot. They don’t forget you in the water or leave you in the water any time waiting. Very good service I must say. And very friendly personnel. Alessandro, Stefano, Emanuel, Matías and the lady in the shop. Thanks, I had a wonderful time. I totally recommend them. See you next year.

    1. Pauline Robichon

      Best place to kite around the lake. They will bring you where the wind is the best.
      Allessandro & his team will warmly welcome you. The team is really professional, being careful about everything.
      Garda lake is a place where you cant lunch from the beach. You will take a shuttle boat from the boat & launch you kite directly from the boat.
      The team is really careful at those step & will advice you perfectly.
      If you want to take class, they offer a wide range of course, from beginner to advance & surboard/foiling too.
      If you want to rent gear its also available at the school at a really good price.
      The best is to go there as also they will be careful at you in the water & rescue you with the boat if anything happen.
      Also I really like the location of the school where the wind blows a lot & school has everything, shower, cafe sun chair.

      To sumarize it was PERFECT!! Thank you Allessandro, Mattia, Davide, Allessandro & all the others?

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